File Size

Auslogics File Recovery
Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd.
As you have probably guessed from its name, Auslogics File Recovery can help you rescue accidentally...
...skip zero-size, temporary and system files. If ...number and size of the recoverable files. Finally...
Fast Duplicate File Finder
MindGems Inc.
This program enables you to find and delete duplicated files from your local drives and various...
...the unnecessary identical files. Consequently, by ...when scanning large-sized directories or drives...
Duplicate File Remover
Essential Data Tools
Sooner or later, we all end up storing duplicate media files and duplicate documents on our...
...based on the files’ date and time, size, and attributes...
File Recover
PC Tools S.à.r.l.
There can be numerous reasons why, at some point, you might lose documents, like incidental...
...and recover your lost files. One of them i ...File Recover. With a user-friendly...
Duplicate File Detective
Key Metric Software, LLC.
Keeping track of possible dupes will not only help you keep your file collection organized, but will also allow you...
...extension, and size of the files as filters; ...how the file names, file extensions, file...
Slice Audio File Splitter
NCH Software
Slice Audio File Splitter is an audio splitter/cutter for Windows. It allows you to carry out...
...list and two files of identical size and quality will ...it cut a regular size mp3 file in half in a...
Instant File Find
Instant File Find is one of those applications that you should definitely have installed on your...
...automatically display the files' folder and ...pictures, music files, video files or documents...
Dummy File Creator
Nikko Cheng
Dummy File Creator is a very small freeware application which is very useful in testing the speed...
...to generate files of any size with ease ...create pseudo files. Pseudo files are fake files which can...
The File Splitter
The File Splitter splits a large file into smaller ones, allowing you to manage each part...
...a large file, because its several megabytes mammoth size makes it...
Batch File Rename
Rename multiple files according to a pattern you specify. Modify original file...
...dynamic elements in file names: file properties (dates, size); hashes (MD5...
BD Sizer
IDimager Systems, Inc.
Use this utility to downsize your existing images to a self-definable maximum file size. You can apply caption titles...
...to a self-definable maximum file size. You can apply caption ...and uploaded the install files,
Weeny Free File Cutter
Weeny Software
Free File Cutter is free software that helps the user to cut a big file into small pieces or merge...
...the files you want to cut, enter the file size ...for each output file, and click...
1-abc.net File Divider
This program lets you split large files and merge them when needed. This can be useful...
...create a stand-alone file merger program while dividing ...send the divided files directly with you...
FMS File Analyzer
FileManagerSoft Ltd.
FMS File Analyzer is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager. With 3D...
...files with the same file extension, the same file size ...range or the same file age...
Free File Splitter
Free File Splitter is an unsophisticated piece of software intended to split files...
...large file into chunks of a given size. Maybe ...source file into output files of a given size. Even...
File Undelete
Features: -Recover files from deleted, damaged, formatted or reformatted partitions...
...or hiding files -Advanced File Find option ...size capabilities. -Displays straight list of files or...
Sanse Mp3 Art Sizer
Hot Coffee Software
With the Mp3 Art Sizer you can size the album art inside the Mp3 file (or a bunch of files) with just a few clicks, you...
...can size the album art inside the Mp3 file ( ...it’s a combination of file size and the dimensions of...
WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder
YL Computing
WinUtilities Duplicate File Finder is a utility that identifies duplicate files in one or more paths. scan can...
...file mask(s), and (optionally) with complex filters for size/date...
File Generation Utility
Andreas Saurwein Franci Gonçalves
Choose a filename (type or click on the "..." button) and a size. The size...
..."..." button) and a size. The size is made up by ...previous). The resulting file size in bytes is shown...
WonderWebWare File Splitter PRO
Melanto Ltd.
Split large files into smaller ones of any size and join them back together...
...large files into smaller ones of any size and ...a large file into several equally-sized parts. You...
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