File Size

Express Zip File Compression
NCH Software
Express Zip File Compression can help you manage archives. In this regard, it allows both extracting...
...associate the specific file type with the ...possible to set a file size limit and create multiple...
File Scavenger
QueTek・Consulting Corporation
File Scavenger is a data recovery utility tool for Windows operative systems. Get back those files accidentally...
...size are unknown. It is also possible to recover files ...recover possibilities. File Scavenger is only...
Puran File Recovery
Puran Software
Puran File Recovery is an application that helps you retrieve the files you deleted...
...you retrieve the files you deleted accidentally ...the size of the partition storing the files you...
Effective File Search
Sowsoft, LLC
It comes with a simple and straightforward interface that makes searching for specific...
...makes searching for specific files and folders a really ...such as their size or modification date...
Folder Size & Analyze Professional
SagaxSoft, Inc.
Folder Size & Analyze Professional is a state-of-the-art application that will...
...and PDF files for archival purposes. Folder Size & Analyze Professional...
Easy File Joiner
Ashkon Software LLC
Easy File Joiner offers to help you combine files. It joins not only pieces of a bigger file...
...you combine files. Although joining files can be ...the MPEG files need to be similar to size, format...
A-PDF Page Size Split
A-PDF Solution
A-PDF Page Size Split is a simple desktop program that lets you to batch split Acrobat PDF files...
...A-PDF Page Size Split will split the file to 2 files, one...
Duplicate File Finder Mini
TriSun Software Inc.
And you can do some common actions for the checked duplicate files / highlighted file in the result listing...
...by size in descending, marking the adjacent duplicate file groups...
File Protector
OICsoft Security.Inc
Lock file, folder and drive. Protect your important data, your file and your privacy. Encrypt file...
...data security. 1.Prevent File Operation (Copy, Delete ...File 13.No Limit of File Count and File Size...
Power File Search
Power File Search is an advanced file search tool for Windows. It can be used...
...used as a replacement file search utility, since we ...out different types of file searches. For example...
Duplicate File Eraser
Fatih Kodak
Duplicate File Eraser is a simple program that can find and remove duplicate...
...find and remove duplicate files. Features Fast CRC32 ...MD5, SHA1 file comparison Simple usage...
Advanced File Manager
AdvexSoft LLC
Advanced File Manager allows easy monitor the disk space usage on your local and network...
...folders by size - View NTFS owners - Generate file system reports...
File Append and Split Tool
Boxer Software
Split and append files of all types and sizes; up to 16 million terabytes. Splits...
...by email. While file sizes seem to be ...date or size * For text files, optionally split files on...
Secure File Delete
Object Media Limited
It is a well-known fact that all files which users delete from their computers using...
...delete any file using Secure File Delete it ...overwriting and size of deleted files. After finishing...
Zip Each File Into Its Own Zip File Software
Creates one single archive from multiple files selected randomly from the disk. Filename of the created zips will...
...archive from multiple files selected randomly from ...Criteria = Run task if file size > 0 Task To Run...
Disk Size Explorer
Disk Size Explorer is a advanced and more powerful disk space, directory and folder size usage analysis...
...space, drive type, compressed size, file system, graphical charts (2D...
Duplicate MP3 File Finder
Find and delete duplicate MP3 files. This remover is used to safely send MP3s...
...and delete duplicate MP3 files. This remover is used ...similar filename, or exact file size.
General File Splitter
General File Splitter splits a large file into smaller size files and creates...
General File Splitter splits a large file into smaller size files and creates self...
WinUtilities File Splitter
YL Computing, Inc
WinUtilities File Splitter can split any type of file into smaller pieces...
...split any file into pieces of any size and ...than the maximum size? Split the file into pieces smaller...
File Own Guard
Thegrideon Software
File Own Guard designed for strong file encryption with multi-choice compression on the fly by a range...
...), and then destroying the file size, cluster number, time meta...
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